Seven special kids imagine themselves as superheroes. Seven talented artists translate it into illustrations.


A web campaign to inpire looking beyond children's disabilities, towards the hopes and dreams they share with all of us. Feaatured artwork by morph.


Almost a Brand / self-initiated in partnership with ParaKids. I worked on the concept, design and development of the website.

Almost a Brand collaborated with ParaKids, a Bulgarian NGO enabling kids with disabilities to do sports, to create a minicampaign promoting and seeking support for their 2019 sport camps. We met the children and their families, and they all expressed the wish to have the kids represented not through their illness, but through their dreams and passions.

We interviewed seven of the small adventurers, and asked them to describe themselves as a superhero: their superpowers, their allies and enemies, the places they fly, swim, or teleport to, and – of course – their outfit.

The stories were imaginative, hilarious, endearing and quite brilliant. We invited seven talented illustrators to draw each of them in their own style. In September 2018, the seven artists met with the seven tiny creatives, to give them their superhero portrait.

The campaign was preserved in a website which I developed as a custom WordPress theme.

The campaign received a lot of publicity and was visited by over 2000 people in the first week.

Visit website.