Histories of the New School

A website for a project seeking to explore and interrogate the past at a school dedicated to the new.


concept, design, and development of a custom WordPress website for the project.


The New School, NY
Julia Foulkes, Wendy Scheir, Mark Larrimore

Histories of the New School is an ongoing project by Julia Foulkes, Wendy Scheir and Mark Larrimore at the New School, seeking to explore the past of the school through a variety of contributions by students and faculty.

I worked with Julia and Wendy to identify the main challenges for the project. First, we had to structure the different types of content in a few larger conceptual blocks: essays, biographies, readings, and thoughts. Second, we needed to figure out how to create crosslinks between them: for example, if there's a biography of a scholar who also contributed writings, her or his page should automatically link to them. There also had to be a way to easily search for content: either by topic or by keyword. Last, but not least, we needed a new strong identity for the project that was distinct yet not foreign to New School's official branding which had been recently revamped.

And of course, all of this has to be able to grow easily, so we needed a user-friendly CMS solution.

The result was a custom WordPress theme that allows for entering and categorizing a few types of content for which it automatically creates crosslinks.

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