Major Tom & the Radius of Outer Space

What: Š•ducational point'n'click adventure browser game
How: p5.js, p5.play.js, p5.sound.js
How far: In progress! You can't play yet, but you can explore tha landscape, turn the jukebox and the billboard on. Priorities, eh?
Who: I wrote the code, did the concept art and drew some small things in the final version. Martin drew and animated it. We did the story/concept together.
Ahem: We made it in three days for Soft Uni Tech Fest 2016 and it won first prize. Yey!

This is an educational point'n'click adventure game exploring the scientific boundaries of the world that surrounds us in a cosmic mash up of b-movie sci-fi setting and a cheesy superhero rip-off storyline.
In its finished version, the game will offer series of puzzles that aim to teach basic physics principles to children and students through the inspiring story of the space trooper Major Tom and his sarcastic companion robot Ziggy, who tends to do the major's dirty work.

Early concept art for the landscape, charcoal on paper.

Here's the promo video. Press play!