A Brand

A year ago we started a t-shirt brand with a twist. It's been going places.

_what's the twist?

The t-shirts are 100% locally made. We also supports organizations we believe in by giving them % of the profit, and creating minicampaigns. Like Superkids.

_what's your role?

We collaborate on the ideas together. I'm in charge of most of the web stuff, and messing up accounting.

A year ago, Zori, Emi and I met Grandpa Lyubo, one of Bulgaria’s oldest silkscreen printers. At 80, he’s still going strong and loves his job. He’s also fully self-taught and damn inventive - for one, he revolutionized his small hometown Tryavna’s funeral industry by inventing a novel and quicker way to carve marble with acid.

We thought it would be awesome to take him to a “street festival or something” to showcase his skill. He went on board! In two hours, we had signed up for an upcoming festival and created our logo.

What would he be printing though?

T-shirts seem easy.

(They're not. But I'm glad we thought so.)
Dyado Lyubo at Kapana Fest 2017. He stole the show.

Since then we have taken our brand further by supporting and promoting organizations and causes we believe in. Here's what makes our t-shirts special (and not so easy).

Our production line is entirely based in Bulgaria: from weaving and dying the fabric (100% cotton) to print and packaging.

We source the t-shirt designs with competitions among local artists and designers, which also get a % of the profits.

We support causes by giving them a % of the profits and creating minicampaigns to promote their good deeds. Like SuperKids, which we did for ParaKids.