iancurtis & jellyfish

a robot that dances like noone is watching & an algorithmic jellyfish in uncharted waters.


Two small projects for the course creative computing during my time at Parsons.


iancurtis is made out of Arduino, Raspberry Pi and duct tape. the jellyfish is written in openFrameworks in plain maths. a mastermind mathematician friend helped with final touches on the equations.


iancurtis is a dancing robot! The sound of the song (any song) enters through a microphone and the Minim library splits it into a couple of frequency ranges, to each of which a certain joint movement corresponds. The confusion in his eyes says it all - he's lost control. (Also, embarrassed myself by dancing for a week straight in the NY subway, because research.) Here's a very crappy phone video. Press play!

algorithmic jellyfish

The jellyfish was done as a monthly project for the course “Creative Computing” at Parsons School of Design. The only requirement was to do something cool with openFrameworks. I’ve always been obsessed with jellyfishes and their strange grace, so I spent weeks researching the physics and aesthetics of their movements and tried to replicate them with maths & code. Here's a very crappy phone video. Press play!