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My name is Katerina Vaseva and I’m a frontend weirdo with a passion for projects that make a difference, and a background in creative computing, arts and urban studies. I've lived, worked and gotten lost in Istanbul, Ankara, New York and Sofia. 2019 Update: now getting lost in Berlin.

the regular frontend + JavaScript, Processing, openFrameworks, Arduino. Fluent@WordPress.
English, German, Bulgarian, Turkish.
Fulbright Scholarship for Graduate studies
a few hackathon prizes for writing browser games in JS.
a few for architecture (previous life).
_featured projects
  • Histories of the New School


    A new website for a project documenting the history of the New School, NYC

  • SuperKids!


    Seven special kids imagine themselves as superheroes.

  • Offense & Dissent


    Web documenting a 2014 exhibition at the New School, NYC

  • browser games


    ...inspired by murder mysteries & David Bowie

  • marker

(things i've done for and )